Your Getaway to the land of ice and fire awaits you

Your Getaway to the Land of Fire and Ice Awaits You


Elegant waterfalls shower volcanic highlands. Black sand beaches nestle against weathered coastlines, while mysterious mineral springs seek shelter in misty valleys. Iceland eagerly awaits you.

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Iceland has embraced its title as the land of fire and ice from those who have visited the fascinating country –and rightfully so. Famous for its dramatic and complimentary terrain, this country offers an entirely different experience than any other country in Europe. It is easy to understand why Iceland has established itself as a desired tourist destination for well-seasoned travelers and backpackers. Whether you’re just passing through or looking to stay awhile, keep reading as this list of travel activities will guarantee you see the best of what this Nordic country has to offer its visitors.


Your Complete Activity Guide to Iceland 

Explore the Capital City Reykavik 


With a population of nearly 120 000 people, the flourishing capital Reykavik is the largest city in the country –and is most notably the center of Icelandic culture, economics, and governmental activities. One of the best ways to soak in the capital city’s experience during the day is to take a guided tour of the town. And lucky enough, Reykavik offers donation-based guided walking tours that allow you to explore the city’s surroundings while learning of the rich Icelandic history.


If you’re looking to make your way throughout the city, make sure to stop at the Perlan. This dome-shaped event center and high-end restaurant are perched on the top of a hill that overlooks the entire city. If you aren’t looking to eat at the Perlan restaurant, visitors are provided free parking and access to the observation deck that offers breathtaking 360-degree views of the entire capital. Make sure to visit one of the many historic and modern museums the city has to submit and shopping centers, cafes, and restaurants that line the city streets.


Take in the Nightlife 

Famous for its bold weekend nightlife, this city is home to over 100 bars, clubs, and cafes. When you travel here, you are sure to find a young and vibrant culture that lights up the main streets of the downtown core, well into the early hours of the night. Just make sure to pack some extra cash with you, as liquor prices tend to run on the pricier side!


Explore the Natural Beauty 

The Blue Lagoon 

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If nightlife isn’t what you’re in search of, make sure you take a day trip to one of Iceland’s most popular attractions: The Blue Lagoon. This stunning geothermal spa is located in a black lava field, about an hour’s drive outside the city. The geothermal spa offers milky-blue mineral-rich waters and luxury spa amenities that transport you to a world of relaxation and possibility. Hot springs have been a beloved part of Icelandic culture for hundreds of years as locals swear by the various health benefits accompanied by bathing in naturally heat pools.


Experience the Golden Circle 

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One of Iceland’s most iconic routes, the golden circle, starts in the capital city and offers travelers the perfect day trip to 3 of the country’s most visited natural attritions: Pingvellir National Park, Geysir geothermal area, and the Gullfoss waterfall.


Pingvellir National Park 

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This national park is one of the first settlement sites in Icelandic history that dates back to the 9th century CE and is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. The park is famous for its volcanic and tectonic environment that is centered within a rift valley. Among the many beauties the park offers visitors, visitors will witness one of the most remarkable experiences is the active continental drift between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates.


Geysir Geothermal Area 

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Once you continue to drive, your next stop on tour will take to the Geysir geothermal area located within the Haukadalur Valley. Once you arrive, yo u will find two erupting geysers that erupt every 5 – 10 minutes –shooting hot water in the air as high as 40 meters. Just make sure to wear waterproof clothing as you’re more than likely to experience some of its backsplashes! The valley also offers natural hot springs and smaller geysers throughout the area.



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Your Getaway to the land of ice and fire awaits you

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